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Higher Secondary Examination March 2013

Application for issue of Copy of valued answer script/Retotalling


  Frequently Asked Questions


I have made the payment. But still the Payment status shows as “Not Received” – why ?

Even though you have made the payment,Normally It will take at least one working day minimum,  for the payment details to reach DGE. Once the details are received, the payment status will be updated.

But some times, it happens that the receiving SBI branch have not properly forwarded your REFERENCE Number to DGE. In such cases also we can not track the payment source, and thus it is displayed as "Pending", even though you might have actually paid the payment.

In such case, please submit your DGE's copy in Original by speed post  to  Tmt. M. Indira, Additional Secretary ( Higher Secondary ),  Directorate of Government Examinations, Chennai - 600 006. or in person.  Sorry for the inconvenience caused in this regard.



 I have made the payment and the Department Copy of the Challan is with me - What should I do ?

Applicants, who have made the payment, and still their payment status shown as "Pending" alone, may submit the Original Challan of DGE's Copy on or before 20/05/2013 by Speed post Addressed to Tmt. M. Indira,  Additional Secretary ( Higher Secondary ) Directorate of Government Examinations, Chennai - 600 006 or in person.

DO NOT send any scan copy of challan by email to us. It will NOT be considered.



My Payment Status is shown as "Pending", But I have sent the scan copy of DGE's Copy of Chalan by email to Is that enough ?

No. copy of challans sent by email will not be accepted. You must send the DGE's Part of challan, in Original by Speed Post to DGE as told in Question No. 2.



My Payment Status is shown as "Received". Should I also send the DGE's Copy of challan ?

 No. You need not send anycopy by post. Keep it with you safely.



 When can I download the Copy of Answer scripts ?

DGE will inform through press release, after Soft copy of Answer scripts are uploaded, and made available for download in the portal. The portal address, and the procedure to download will be informed later.


While viewing my Application Status, under REMARK Column, My Name is either misspelt or some other string is shown. - Why ?

The contents in the Remark Column are entered by the Bank official while receiving your payment. In General, they enter the Name of the person, who has remitted the amount. They could have misspelt it. But you need not worry for that. As long  they have entered and forwarded your 10 digit Reference Number Correctly, that is sufficient for us. We will use the Name only as per your Plus 2 Examination Registration.


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